CIOs are underestimating cloud benefits

During the chat-with-the-editor session at CIO100 2017 India, Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Chairman, and MD of CtrlS discusses the dilemmas which the CIO community face regarding cloud adoption.

Courtesy : CIO 100

There is still a conundrum among CIOs about migrating to the cloud, said Sridhar Pinnapureddy, chairman and MD of CtrlS during the chat-with-editor session with Shantheri Mallaya, Executive Editor, IDG Media at the CIO100 2017 symposium and awards ceremony in Pune, India.

Pinnapureddy said that the dilemma or resistance still exists among IT leaders because the cost- and performance-benefits of cloud are not clear to them. Watch: Sridhar Pinnapureddy in a chat with the editor

“When their operations are running smoothly, CIOs think why they should take headaches. They do not see the actual benefits of cost. I think the biggest benefit in the cloud journey is the bandwidth freedom and scale that cloud provides. These along with its cost benefits are underestimated", he said.

In response to another question, Pinnapureddy cited flexibility and agility of the platform as the two most important benchmarks of cloud strategy. But more importantly, he advised that CIOs must be careful during the initial cloud migration.

“Migration is something to be careful with. It is easy to migrate to the cloud through a services provider; but very difficult to come out once an organization is tied to it. So, CIOs should be careful in choosing their provider.”

Pinnapureddy elaborated how its ‘Bank-in-a-Box’ cloud solution helped banks migrate to the cloud and save a huge chunk of their operating costs as well as time, where previously it took those enterprises 6-9 months and millions of dollars in the process.

Responding to a question on cross-functioning between the India and global environments and how it has impacted the organization, Pinnapureddy revealed that functioning in various countries has helped CtrlS add value to the Indian entity with global skills and experience. He said the multi-national scale of operations and processes has added much value to the company. In the last one year, CtrlS has expanded to 12 countries and invested significantly in improving the services and processes, attracting clients of large global conglomerates in the process, he said.


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