A 3 Minute Guide To Understand Data Centres And Why Your Business Needs One

Look at Industries globally and you’ll find that they too have caught the novel Coronavirus – or at least its financial impact, with an estimated contraction of 5.2% in global GDP in 2020 according to Global Economic Prospects. The most affected industries include IT Services, Manufacturing, Travel & Tourism, Financial Services, Mining, and Construction, with […]

Four-point guide on why should you know your data center

A document, an image and a video, everything is a form of data. McKinsey’s report on data describes it as an asset beyond our imagination. Indeed. The humongous data that surrounds us are key to fuelling business growth. More the data, more the concern and trust factors. Unfortunately, the current wfh scenario has made data […]

Solar Powered Datacenters Drive Sustainable Growth

Each stroke of the keypad, each search on internet, every click, every swipe consumes energy. More than 40,000 searches are made every second on Google, amounting to consumption of power equivalent to a ceiling fan running non-stop for a month. And most of the energy consumed – 90% of it, by an estimate – is […]

Localized Computing Capability Demands Edge Datacenters

The internet revolution has pushed the IT infrastructure to the edge. Today the line between digital and physical business is getting blurred, fueling unprecedented data consumption. The sheer scale and growing magnitude of data is fueling the need for exponential computing power almost real-time. And this need is better served with localized computing competency. This […]

Destination India for Hyperscale Datacenters: Key Considerations

There is more data than stars in the observable universe. * We are swarmed with data all around us. The air we breathe has more data than oxygen, someone wittingly said. And, it may not be too off. World Economic Forum says by 2025 an estimated 463 exabytes of data will be created each day […]

Six Steps to Operational Excellence in Datacenters

There is no shortcut to operational excellence. Not when you are the custodian of zettabytes of sensitive data. The cost of keeping the world connected is high, and datacenters are tasked to maintain security, safety and availability of the constant stream of data round the clock. Given the magnitude of data generated every moment and […]

Gain Uninterrupted Data Flow With N+N Redundancy

Risk of Downtime Can Interrupt Business As Usual “If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty,” claims the bestselling author Stephen Covey. The businesses, however, have learnt to deal with uncertainties and thrive on their resilience. Keeping the businesses moving in the face of adversities, manmade or natural, is the biggest concern of […]

India: Your Datacenter Destination

India On the Verge Of Data Revolution Indians are the largest consumer of mobile data in the world. As per Ericsson Mobility Report, every smartphone user in the country consumes an average 9.8 GB data per month, and driven by video content, this is expected to nearly double in the next 4 years to 18 […]

Interconnected Datacenters for Secure Growth

Connected World Needs Connected Datacenters The magnitude of data hosted, managed and distributed every moment demands unmatched resilience from datacenters. The increase in data consumption across the globe has posed new challenges to manage uninterrupted distribution. Global enterprises require unhindered data flow transcending geography with agility and speed. Datacenters thus strive to maintain a stable […]