Data Center Evaluation

Once the key the decision to adopt a hosted infrastructure environment has been made, the next significant decision is in making the right choice and going with the best dedicated hosting service provider. Picture an organization that is forced to incur high switching costs and business operations interruption to switch hosting providers once it discovers that the current datacenter service provider does not have the capacity to scale with the company's growing hosting needs.
Hence, it becomes crucial to carefully evaluate the complete suite of services offered by the prospective providers for not only current company requirements but also all possible future needs. It isn't going too far to say that the success or failure of an organization may be dependent on the choice of a service provider. The following vendor selection framework outlining the essential parameters or attributes serves as a tool to analyze and determine the most appropriate vendor for datacenter services.
Modern, state if the art data center with best-of-breed technology solutions to provide a competitive edge. Robust infrastructure including high bandwidth access links, branded hardware, air-conditioning units, etc.
On-site Security
Availability of core security services and other applicances such as firewalls. Ans intrusion prevention, SSL accelerators or authentication systems. 24x7 physical security including onsite security staff, electronic scanners, and video cameras.
Redundancy &
N+1 data center facility to provide redundancy with robust disaster recovery mechanisms. Primary backup solutions for all critical components (power, fire suppression, etc.) + secondary backup in case of a primary backup failure.
Technical Support
& Expertise
Higher support means less cost and higher efficiency. 24x7 availability of technical staff via online chat, email, and phone to get questions answered in real-time.
Any downtime can result in lost corporate productivity. SLAs for maintaining quality of service to guarantee power service, temparature stability, and network uptime. Fault tolerant Tier IV standard datacenter can guarantee 99.995% uptime.


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    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

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    • DR on demand
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    • Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage

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