How it works.

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    Just turn it on.

    With monitoring as a service from CtrlS, you just register your website or the public IP address you want monitored, give us your contact information, whether it is a phone number or an email address and choose how you want to be contacted, through a phone call, a text message or an email. There is network monitoring software to install or configure.

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    Stay on top of it.

    With our LMS-A network monitoring tool, you will known instantly if your website or mail server is unavailable or if the latency has spiked up above a preset limit. We monitor the network device based on the protocol and have millisecond precise data about it's current availability.

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    No False Alarms.

    When the CtrlS IT monitoring services detect an issue we instantly begin verification from a number of disparate locations to ensure that problem is replicable and to reduce the chance of false positives to a great extent. If we detect the issue consistently after verification, we contact you with the precise nature of the problem we are seeing. All this happens within a matter of seconds.

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  • Maximize Business Agility

    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

  • Our Unique Innovations

    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Private cloud
    • Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage

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The choice of industry leaders everywhere

you're in good company
Ajith Prasad AVP IT, Abraaj Capital
I would like t thank the entire team for making the DR drill test. The drill was successful and we managed the changeover with minimum downtime and zero data loss.
Bharti Lele Head - Innovation Labs, L&T Infotech
We were up and running in no time. Excellent support.
Som UdayGM - IT
The CtrlS solution for our needs was very effective and helped us mitigate our risks
Jai Prakash Dwivedi, CIO, RGCIL
We chose CtrlS because they own and understand this space.
Darshan Mehta Sr. IT Manger, Elecon
The implementation has worked very well for us.
Bijaei Jayaraj CEO, Loylty Rewardz
The USP of the CtrlS is the out-of-box solutions being offered
Jins Varghese Director, IT & Hosting
The CtrlS solution has helped us grow strong with our offerings


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