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When the growing gets tough, bank on the cloud to get going

"Information technologies and the innovations they enable are strategic tools for enhancing the value of customer relationships" says Dr. D. Subbarao, Governor, RBI. A telling quote, about the direction in which the banking and financial services industry is moving. While the larger aim of any IT innovation is to reduce costs, facilitate greater compliance and risk management and also boost operational efficiency; the banking industry has to manage all of this, while keeping a close eye on customer service and customer relationships. This is the main challenge, as we see it, in an ever expanding market.

If a CIO has increased operational efficiency and cutting costs in mind, the Cloud is the go-to solution. Why is it then, that less than 12% of the banking industry has applications in the Cloud at present? Perhaps the prevalent understanding of the role IT plays in the industry is inadequate, limited to that of an implementer of and manager of IT infrastructure, for any industry.

At CtrlS, adding value at every stage drives us. Adding value is in fact, a defining aspect of our purpose, and we bring this to life in Total Ownership – our philosophy of service delivery. We are committed to challenging conventional means of doing business and delivering services to see how we can optimize them and our approach to Cloud services is no different

To us, subscribing to the Cloud purely to gain benefits of cost and up efficiency is like settling for less, when in reality, the sky is the limit. We believe that the Cloud is not just about virtualization and operating expense savings. It has always been our endeavour to create IT services that are complementary to the strategic needs of businesses. Limiting ourselves to a traditional tactical role diminishes the value that we can derive from IT. Naturally, we look at Cloud services from a different perspective. At CtrlS, it is about delivering for our clients, services that they cannot build for themselves on premise. We marry theses services with the outsourced model, the result of which is a power pack of infrastructure and services that can keep pace with growth, aid in customer relationships and also keep a watch on budgets and efficiency. Too good to be true? We don't think so. Here's how we make it happen.

- Security: Our Rated 4 datacenters are built like fortresses. Unbreakable, unbeatable
   and built to withstand any intrusion or natural disaster.

- Cost: Every part of our green datacenters is built for hyper-efficiency, to drive
   savings of up to 40% of TCO

- Flexibility: With scalability of up to 10 years, pay-per-use and on-demand services,
   clients can use as much or as little as they need, when they need it and pay in a
   transparent, controllable manner.

- Control: An open floor plan gives clients complete control to build their own or use
   nbsp;  our services as needed

The old approach to IT failed to address many longstanding challenges but we pride ourselves in pushing these limits and challenging the status quo. At CtrlS, we aren't happy with innovation for the sake of innovation. We usually don't settle for anything less than innovation that is strategic and which can enhance the value of customer relationship for clients grappling with growth.


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  • Maximize Business Agility

    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

  • Our Unique Innovations

    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Private cloud
    • Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage

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