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Total Ownership in the DC industry!

‘Adding value to customers is just not fundamental to us; it defines our very purpose’ —- This belief has been the core of the birth, existence and growth of CtrlS

After careful study, observation and analysis of the Data Center market and the functioning of its major players, we at CtrlS have understood how challenging it is to assume and practice the role & responsibility of ‘Total ownership’ towards Self, products, services & most important of all, our Clients.

Having decided to position ourselves as the pioneers of this industry, we were audacious enough to accept this challenge. So right from the embryonic stage of the birth of CtrlS, we decided to genetically nurture our each and every cell with the warmth of this belief and be totally responsible for our people, products, services and be reflecting so to our Clients / potential Clients.

For the structure of Ownership to be built, first and foremost we created a solid foundation & had laid the bricks for our foundation with our synchronized values of

1)    Dependability:

We know that ‘Trust’ forms the basis of all relationships whether professional/personal and more so for the players of this industry who base their fulcrum of ‘infrastructure ingredients’ outside their circle of influence for their business success & continuity. This resulted in the below mentioned conscious decisions being taken with regards to our organizational structure & functioning.

  • Team: We formed a team of ‘Specialists experienced in managing IT Infra business’ because we understood that we had embarked on an industrial journey rather than a ‘Project’.
  • Full Scale automation: Set up custom & purpose built automation of complete process cycle in place to ensure efficiency in a fixed cost environment.
  • Tried and tested SOP’s: Fully tried and tested SOP’s for process adherence encoded in our DNA as a IT Infra business.
  • Creation of COE’s: To promote expertise based on cumulative knowledge pool since we are into infrastructure business and not Software business
  • Sharing Specialist experience: Update self with our Specialists’ experience and Specialist experience to pass on the same to our Clients.
  • Committed ‘Expertise’: Cloud Capabilities ‘developed & offered’ as a Service provider and not as an aggregator with an outsourced model.
  • Multiple redundancy networks: Catering to the unaddressed business requirement by ensuring highest levels of fault tolerance validated by ‘Zero’ instance of complete network outage in CtrlS history.
  • Purpose built DC: Tier-4 DCs built ground-up for highest efficiency ratings in India & highest level of disaster protection.
  • ‘Cost optimization’: Efficiency aimed & delivered across the spectrum with TCO benefits ranging from 20 to 40%.

2)    Innovation:
CtrlS had discovered the fact that this industry exists and grows on the oxygen of ‘Innovation’ and thereby to create new benchmarks through its products & services has designed & set up

  • An Innovation bench
  • Professional service capabilities
  • Legacy Application support

3)    Responsibility:

We are here to fulfill and exceed our ‘Client’s expectations’ rather than revolving around the ‘Product’ / ‘Service’ concept. Hence the involvement of ‘people’ becomes but mandatory in our endeavor to ensure a near 100% success rate. With this realization, our Team has churned & come up with our code of Organizational Values and ‘Work’ ethics.

Organizational Values

C – ‘Challenger’ for Industry Standards & ‘Committed’

T – Total Ownership

R – Reliable value addition to clients

L – Loyal

S – Service Delivery for Customer Delight

Work Ethics

  • Commitment                              Initiative
  • Belonging                                  Stewardship
  • Fellowship                                 Passion
  • Engagement                              Pride

With these established Values & Ethics, we have targeted defined Organizational and Employee empowerment.

 Organizational empowerment                                                          Employee empowerment

Enhanced Employee Motivation                                                           Exceptional performance

No / Low employee attrition                                                                 100% ‘Work’ commitment

Strong ‘work commitment’                                                                    Long term Career vision

‘Work’ Passion                                                                                       Organizational Commitment

Team synergy & productivity


Trans Union, AZB & partners, AIRCEL, The Abraaj group, One Assist, emPay, NSEiT, EKYC are among few of our reputed Clients who have experienced the Total ownership of CtrlS.

CtrlS has assigned itself the ‘total ownership’ to serve the deserving in the waiting.