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Environment, Health and Safety Event at CtrlS

Environment, Health and Safety Event at CtrlS

4 March 1966, the National Safety Council was established by the Ministry of Labour, Government of India (GOI) to sustain a voluntary movement on Health, Safety, And Environment (HSE) at the national level. It is an apex non-profit making, tripartite body that is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950.

CtrlS has always been a major contributor in innovating environment-friendly and energy-efficient processes at its datacenters. We have a firm grip hold to take care of the environment in every possible way along with keeping our workforce safe, who work relentlessly at our datacenters. We have an evolved Corporate Safety group divided into two teams- Project Safety and Operational Safety. These two teams work together with the leadership in building elaborate safety guidelines and stringent safety protocols. They ensure that the entire organization sticks to the specifications of the same.

Keeping the workplace safe and secure by taking appropriate safety measures is a task of great responsibility to reduce the rate of industrial accidents. In order to promote these practices at CtrlS, we hosted National Safety Week at all our DC sites- Mumbai, Hyderabad, Noida, and Bangalore. This year marked the 50th National Safety week, which was celebrated with all our workers, vendors, and other stakeholders. The celebration started on 4th March and lasted till 10th March.

Objectives of the Safety Week Celebration

  • To spread Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) movement to various parts of the country.
  • To ensure the participation of different industrial sectors at different levels.
  • To promote a participative approach for the employees in HSE activities.
  • To promote several developmental activities required for self-compliance and professional HSE management systems at workplaces.
  • To cover voluntary HSE movement sectors.
  • To motivate and remind employers, employees, and others of their responsibility in making the workplace safe.

The Theme Of The Year
Every year the National Safety Week is celebrated across the country with great enthusiasm and positivity. To make it further directional and focused, it is always honored with a theme. The theme for the year 2021 is “Learn From Disaster And Prepare For A Safer Future.

Enduring this year’s theme, CtrlS aimed at developing awareness about social responsibilities amongst the workers to create a supportive and friendly environment. Therefore, the week was filled with a number of events that created awareness about the environment and health safety amongst the employees.

Event List:

  1. Flag – Hoisting
  2. Safety Oath/ Pledge
  3. Safety-March
  4. Quiz Competition
  5. Drawing Competition Exhibition
  6. Prize Distribution
  7. First Aid Training
  8. Medical camp
  9. Defensive Driving Awareness & Badge Pinning
  10. Safety Movies Shown To The Worker & Staff

All the employees passionately participated in the safety week events. The main motive behind these activities was to ensure that each and every person at CtrlS is well informed about what we are trying to achieve in terms of sustainability and safety of our environment and workers respectively. We believe that “we all share the responsibility for encouraging a safe work culture to improve behavior and performance in the workplace, and we all share accountability to encourage our peers to value safe work practices and safety programs in a positive, proactive way.” So, make a commitment today to take an active role in safety.