Choose Quality Dedicated Hosting for Healthcare Industry

Dedicated Server Hosting for Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is vital. It is sad though, that many are deprived of it in our country. A formidable industry, healthcare is dependent on technology for its day to day operations. Today, with groundbreaking innovations in modern techniques and procedures for treatment, as well as breakthroughs in modern medicine, technology and healthcare have amalgamated in a way that is bound to shape healthcare in the future.

It is easy, however, to overlook the underlying infrastructure. Healthcare professionals sometimes fail to realize that they can significantly improve the quality of healthcare by way of leveraging robust, dependable and scalable EMR systems.

The explosive growth in medical data, calls for the requirement of a robust infrastructure that can properly support this growth. It is advisable to outsource data centre operations to a provider. This helps reduce costs, improves productivity, and initiate holistic growth.

Why does healthcare industry require Quality Dedicated Hosting Service? The below points enumerate exactly why

  1. Customisation:- Dedicated servers allow you to use your choice of software. Instal any core software and any base software. When you know which softwares to instal, you begin to optimize the server usage. This is important in healthcare because servers are key to keeping important data safeguarded.
  2. Security:- There is no sharing server, so no spam websites that instal malicious scripts can sneak into your server. As an administrator, you can instal security softwares, firewalls, anti-spyware, etc. In healthcare, security is paramount. Important information w.r.t. prescription drugs as well as patient information is stored.
  3. Varied Features:- Free Unique Web addresses, premium control panels, spam reduction, e-commerce enabling, these are just some of the features that Dedicated Hosting Services offer. In healthcare, it is vital to have complete control, as well as proper protection against hackers and malware.

When it comes to Dedicated Hosting Services for healthcare in India, CtrlS provides the most comprehensive package. Choose from between power dedicated servers, value servers, mass storage servers, etc, with their own different cores, tailor-made to suit various kinds of applications. Migrating to the cloud has never been easier! Now, the server can be instaled and made operational without any problems. Plus you get zero downtime. A dedicated server can take your website to a whole new level.

As a player in the healthcare industry it is paramount that your data and information remains secure and safeguarded against threats. Which is why, CtrlS, a certified Tier-4 Datacenter, with 99.9995% Uptime, guarantees safety of your important information. Hardware is top notch, from HP and Dell. No stone is left unturned. Which is why major healthcare players depend on us for their Dedicated Hosting Services. 24X7 support means each of your query is answered, including doubts on what configuration is best for your enterprise!