How Hyperscale Data Centers are Shaping the Future of the IT Industry?

About Hyperscale Data Center:
A hyperscale data center is essentially the premise that provides space, power, and cooling for network infrastructure designed specifically for offering a portfolio of highly scalable applications and storage services to businesses. According to International Data Corporation, a hyperscale data center comprises more than 5000 servers with a space of at least 10000 square feet across the building.

Hyperscale data centers are specialized data centers designed and constructed with expansion in mind. They can scale up the provisions of computing, connectivity, networking, storage, and power requirements as per the needs of the customers.

Why Hyperscale Data Centers Are Preferred Over Other Data Centers?
The demand for cloud computing infrastructure and IoT functionality is increasing day-by-day. This has in turn increased the demand for data centers. It is a known fact that at least 1/3rd of all data passes through the cloud. Data centers are constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-growing demand for more information and more advanced technologies. A news article from the Economic Times stated that “By 2025, the hyperscale market is expected to reach around 25 billion in India.”

Reasons why companies prefer Hyperscale data center:

  1. Speed: Development, installation, and management of your shifting computing needs are quickly achievable with the help of hyperscale data centers.
  2. Scalability based on demand: Companies have peak times when the demand increases at an exponential rate. With Hyperscale data centers, companies can scale up when demand is high and scale down when demand is low. 
  3. Easier transition into the cloud: Some companies start with the migration of non-critical applications to the cloud and with time often add mission-critical software and data as well. Some may want to integrate their private cloud into the public cloud. Hyperscale data centers make this transition easy and help the companies grow into the cloud at their own pace. 
  4. Easier Management: In hyperscale data centers, fewer layers of control are needed. Hence, people needed to manage the various functional operations are also fewer making the management easy.
  5. Reduced Downtime Losses: These are designed to minimize downtime due to excessive demand or other complications. It helps IT systems get back online much more quickly.

The general demand for faster and more efficient data travel will always keep increasing. All companies look for profits, goodwill, and smooth business operations. A hyperscale data center is the most evolved data center which fulfills all the future requirements for a business to grow.

Hyperscale Data Center – The Future of IT Industry
Because of the pandemic, cloud adoption is happening at a much faster rate. Digital growth and acceleration are here to stay and grow. With the IT industry realizing the dynamism of what can be done with their data, they have started colocating to hyperscale data centers to aid better data management. These have become the top priority for businesses across the globe to handle their IT infrastructure requirements. Realizing the need for an efficient data center to reduce barriers for the customers, higher margins, data storage and management, higher security, and reliability, IT companies are moving towards hyperscale data centers. They have understood that the future for better growth opportunities comes with hyperscale data centers.

Hyperscale data centers have moved beyond being just an additional storage facility. They have emerged as the most robust, reliable, and secured data center with an ability to scale up and scale down to meet the existing demand of an organization.