India: Your Datacenter Destination

India On the Verge Of Data Revolution
Indians are the largest consumer of mobile data in the world. As per Ericsson Mobility Report, every smartphone user in the country consumes an average 9.8 GB data per month, and driven by video content, this is expected to nearly double in the next 4 years to 18 GB. India will have 1.25 bn mobile subscribers by 2024, while mobile data traffic per month will cross 16 exabytes, growing at 23% CGAR.

There is growing appetite for video content and live streaming. Applications with rich user interface and live or near real-time interactions are wooing even the data novice. You will find almost every smartphone user subscribing to a host of apps and games. The density of usage of these apps and systems can create congestion and lead to latency. Subscribers demand live connect and any delay in accessing the content of their choice frustrates them.

The demand reaches its zenith during sporting seasons with large populace consuming the content live over the internet, moving beyond the traditional broadcast on TVs.

Smart lifestyle, wearables, connected homes with embedded devices and intelligent buildings are making IoT mainstream. Increased usage of RFID, beacons and SCADA devices in industrial IoT has made India claim 5% of global IoT market, amounting to 15 bn $ by end of the current year.

More Data Require More Datacenters
The data explosion is further fueled by government impetus on digitalization. New smart cities and larger adoption of cloud across functions has created a thriving ecosystem for growth. More data require more datacenters. The largest platform players across the globe are increasing their subscriber base in India. There is substantial rise in digital payments, online purchases and transactions. Global ecommerce giants are growing their business even in tier 2 and 3 cities. The sheer spread of digital universe in the country makes it the most attractive destination of datacenters.

Infrastructure Meets Talent
Infrastructure required to build, operate and maintain datacenters is critical. The penetration of internet, increasing density of telecom operators in almost all regions and stable power supply are other advantages for datacenters in India. The country is home to some of the most sought-after technology talent. Technology skills and domain expertise are in short supply globally. But India with its young population and higher tech literacy is able to bridge the skill gap.

CtrlS Advantage
CtrlS is the trusted partner of 60 Fortune 500 multinationals delivering 100% uptime consistently for over 11 years. Our datacenters are strategically located in non-flood zone area, designed to withstand seismic level of the geographical area. We have delivered industry best PUE at 1.32 with World’s Largest Tier4 hyperscale datacentre.

Our Mumbai datacentre has the honour to be the largest solar façade, optimizing 70% cost with zero loss, zero pollution and zero waste.

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