Interconnected Datacenters for Secure Growth


Connected World Needs Connected Datacenters
The magnitude of data hosted, managed and distributed every moment demands unmatched resilience from datacenters. The increase in data consumption across the globe has posed new challenges to manage uninterrupted distribution. Global enterprises require unhindered data flow transcending geography with agility and speed. Datacenters thus strive to maintain a stable and dependable IT infrastructure. The effort gets a boost when a datacenter is connected to other, offering seamless flow and acting as a proxy for each other in the event of any incident.

3 Benefits of Interconnected Datacenters
Interconnected datacenters are not just better prepared to handle adverse instances, they provide flexibility and diversity to customers. Here are the most remarkable benefits of interconnected datacenters:
1) Flexibility and Choice
Interconnected datacenters provide flexibility to customers by offering them a choice of network providers. The carrier neutral nature of interconnected datacenters offer ease and cost-effective operations to enterprises.

With access to multiple providers there is better risk mitigation and assurance of business continuity.

2) Security and Reliability
Interconnected datacenters bring in the assurance of fail-safe infrastructure with one datacenter acting as the backup of the other. The robust Disaster Recovery (DR) processes connect to the other connected datacenters in the instances of any calamity or power outage. This also elevates the health of infrastructure as proactive maintenance can be carried out without any downtime.

3) Speed and Scalability
Interconnected datacenters weave in the power of many and the collective scalability to match the requirements of the hyperscalers and high growth enterprises. These also afford direct, physical contact point between servers, providers, and customers, making it easier for businesses to optimize their operations. The limitless scalability equips the enterprises to cater to the growing end user demand and higher computing power.

CtrlS Brings Interconnected Datacenter Advantage to Global Businesses
CtrlS is pioneering the interconnected datacenter practices in the region. with interconnected datacenters in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore, we bring the most dependable IT unfractured to our customers. Offering scalability, flexibility and diversity, our interconnected datacenters offer cost optimized and efficient hosting options. We host the impeccable record if 100% uptime for last 13 years, gaining trust of our customers as the most secure and reliable data management partners.