Keep Your Data Safe With N+N Redundancy


Uncertainties Can Cost You Dear“If there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty,” claims the bestselling author Stephen Covey. The businesses, however, have learnt to deal with uncertainties and thrive on their resilience. Keeping the businesses moving in the face of adversities, manmade or natural, is the biggest concern of every enterprise, more so if the organization heavily relies on data. How do you keep your data flowing even during a disaster, or in the face of power outage? Is your datacenter equipped to keep your data safe and available at all times? Your businesses require your mission critical applications running flawlessly. Every minute of downtime can cause you huge revenue loss, not to mention the loss of trust of the customers and adverse impact on your brand. It is thus essential that vulnerability is removed from the equation. How do you ensure that?

Inadequate Backup Leads to Systems Vulnerability
Power outages, failure of back-up systems such as UPS or generators, malfunctioning of cooling systems and other infrastructure issues can impact your applications. Most datacenters have some back up mechanism, but it may not cover all the applications. For instance N+1 redundancy provides for only one backup component for the original number of components. Thus, in the event of a power outage, for instance only a secondary back up is available for some of the racks. This makes your data vulnerable and you run risk on business continuity.

Build Resilience to Overcome Uncertainties
Resilient systems withstand adverse environment and continue to deliver despite challenges. Now, to keep the data safe and available datacenters must ensure availability of backup for every component, that is N+N redundancy. This provides for a comprehensive approach that goes beyond power failure and cooling issues to maintain alternate telecommunication paths, protecting against any line cuts or outage. Rated 4 datacnters maintain 99.95% uptime, allowing for only 28 minutes of downtime in a year, and this cannot be achieved without N+N redundancy.

Further, since two parallel power sources are available all the time, proactive maintenance can be carried out for applications and servers, with practically no downtime. This improves health of your infrastructure and contributes to longevity of your systems.

Stay Always On with CtrlS
Your data never stops flowing. Businesses do not sleep. To keep you going, you need datacenters that can withstand crises and keep your applications safe and performing at all times. With N+N redundancy datacenters, you can be assured. However, not everyone can build and maintain such high performing architecture. Maintaining N+N redundancy is a complex and skill intensive exercise, that requires maturity and experience. CtrlS has built Asia’s first rated 4 datacenter that gives you complete assurance on data availability in the face of human made or natural disasters.The failsafe environment has every component backed up with mirrored systems. The fully automated systems ensure smooth shift between power sources in the event of the failure of primary source, with zero loss or latency.