Total Ownership in the DC industry!

‘Adding value to customers is just not fundamental to us; it defines our very purpose’ —- This belief has been the core of the birth, existence and growth of CtrlS After careful study, observation and analysis of the Data Center market and the functioning of its major players, we at CtrlS have understood how challenging […]

CtrlS:Providing Continuity, Customization, Compliance and Control in the Cloud

Post launch of our Cloud Product – Ctrl4C, CIO review magazine has covered it as “Product of the Month” in their May issue. It also features CtrlS in “20 Most promising Cloud Computing Product companies in India” listing positioned at number 2. With the advent of cloud computing many enterprises today are able to meet […]

Data Center Infrastructure is the key to Cloud Service Availability

Cloud computing services are basically provisioned in data centers. Organisations while planning to adopt cloud computing systems must ensure to evaluate the data center which provides the underling foundation and infrastructures for a cloud service model. Tier 4 standard data centers are ideal for clouds because they provide adequate redundancy and fault tolerance to ensure […]

Benefits of Total IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

With total IT infrastructure outsourcing on the rise, many companies look at it as a cost saving factor. Cost saving is one of the many benefits that total IT infrastructure outsourcing has to offer. However, having just this one factor in mind isn’t enough; there are other factors and benefits that come along with total […]

Manage your Private Clouds with Full Scale Automation

Organisations adopt private clouds to eliminate issues in security and data privacy. Private clouds offer immense benefits in terms of reliability, availability and scalability. Private cloud offerings from CtrlS Data Centers provide the best in class cloud infrastructures that can scale up or down according to varying application loads and operate your business without disruptions […]

Significance of Tier 4 Data Center

The Tier 4 Data Center is receiving accolades from some and being shrugged off by some as an unnecessary purchase. After examining the facts and the advantages of a Tier 4 Data Center over the other Tiers in the Tier Classification System, we can conclude that a Tier 4 Data Center indicates the most robustly […]

Making a Dent in India’s IT Universe

Mr. Sridhar Reddy, our CMD, presented at a recent event – Convergence India 2014 held at Delhi. He was moderator for the session “Cloud Solutions for Business- Building a successful and secure business on cloud”. The event was covered by many media partners. Communications today was one of them and published excerpts of his presentation […]

Brief on CtrlS by Gartner in MQ for Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd. CtrlS Datacenters is a managed hosting provider in India, as well as an early public cloud provider in India. It targets enterprises and the banking and financial services sector. It offers cloud-enabled hosting, with multitenant, single-tenant and customer premises options, as well as related managed services. It also provides colocation services. Its […]

How Colocation Data Centers use Modern Technology

In a typical situation, the colocation will provide the physical security, power, building, and cooling while the consumer provides the servers, and the storage. The space in a colocation facility is rented or leased by the room, cage, cabinet or rack. Several colocation facilities have also included in their services the ability for the business […]

Mitigating Data Center Service Models: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

On April 21, 2011, Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) experienced a major outage at its data center in Virginia that brought down important websites including Foursquare, Springpad, Reddit, Quora, BigDoor and Hootsuite. The outage lasted from 5:00 am until the late afternoon that Thursday. However, many problems were not resolved until April 25. The EC2 […]