With the ever-evolving globally competitive business environment being addressed by technology transformation, the need for an in-depth assessment of technology before its acceptance and adoption is gaining importance. As data proves to be critical for businesses today leading to increasing number of data centers with various data center deployment options available to choose from, this whitepaper attempts to understand the underlying drivers for the gaining popularity of one model over another. With both qualitative and quantitative benefits evaluated through a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) framework, this research aims to serve as an important tool for small and medium business (SMB) stakeholders for comprehensive assessment of an SMB data center infrastructure. Based on a realistic approach to analyzing the business value of the hosted IT infrastructure environment, we believe that SMBs will adopt managed hosting as a preferred data center deployment

option to gain the following benefits:

•  Significant cost savings over a 3 year TCO period, potentially in excess of 26
    percent over an in-house deployment
•  Maximized infrastructure utilization and minimized over provisioning
•  Retained control over IT infrastructure
•  Increased reliability and reduced risk
•  Enhanced business competitiveness by improved focus on core business

However, quite often, the success of a deployment model strongly depends on the service provider selection. Hence, this whitepaper dives deep with an objective to not only furnish information that is required for evaluating a data center deployment but also provides a service provider selection checklist to help increase your corporate profitability and success. Parameters such as availability of robust technology infrastructure, redundancy and resilience, on site security, and guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) along with round the clock availability of skilled technical staff play a critical role in the selection of a competent service provider.

To know more, read our whitepaper on Managed Hosting and the benefits it can bring your organization.


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    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

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