Ensuring a safe environment for both data and talent

Environment, Health & Safety | Update 2021

Growing global footprint

CtrlS Datacenters (DCs) are industry pioneers in terms of innovation, growth, and implementing eco-conscious strategies. We acknowledge the fact that datacenters are generally voracious consumers of electricity and to support the economic and data evolution—growth is inevitable.

And CtrlS, despite its rapid growth globally, has always been a major contributor in innovating greenways of sustenance for Datacenters. We are swiftly pacing to be the world’s first facilities that thrive 100% for its electrical energy from renewable resources like solar power.

Environment/Employee Health & Safety

At CtrlS, we are adamant to take care of the environment in any possible way along with keeping our workforce working at the DC facilities or otherwise absolutely safe at all times.

We have a continuous process to assess the organization’s EHS Maturity and develop structured EHS initiatives. There is a very clear mandate from Management to ensure that our EHS practice reaches Global Standards, more so because we are also operating DCs Internationally.

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Our Health and safety measures include

A governing body – EHS Committee

Accountable for and is tasked with regular evaluation of EHS process, the introduction of Best Practices, and addressing current challenges.


Third-Party Consulting

We engaged a third-party consultant “Antea Group”, an international EHS Consulting firm catering to organizations across the globe, and bearing rich experience in developing effective EHS programs


Priority to EHS Compliance Requirements and related improvement

Safety has been earmarked as top priority at organization level, with a top-down approach. Employees are being engaged to inculcate Safety as the regular way of life. Continuous awareness through frequent Training Programs, Safety inductions, Tool Box Talk Briefings, etc. are conducted.

Special EHS Training on fortnightly basis are also conducted as per pre-defined yearly EHS Calendar, which is based on common EHS topics as well as pre-analysis of skill matrix competency document review conducted for employees, vendor associates, and workers.


Selection Criteria

Pre-defined selection Criteria for vendor pre-qualification and its review. These qualification parameters are some stringent compliance requirements that our vendors have to fulfill before we are even to deliberate on any kind of business partnership


Infrastructure and Budgetary Requirements

Provisioning of pre-approved adequate EHS budgets are in place in advance on a yearly basis. The budget is prepared by the EHS committee based on the expected requirement and covers essential safety requirements and allocation for add-on for future requirements.


Accountability & Responsibility

By defining a clear EHS Process, SOP, Rules and monitor its effective implementation by all, and empowering workmen to highlight unsafe acts & conditions.


Reward & Recognition

Employees and Workers are awarded Monthly/Quarterly for various aspects including adherence to Safety, quiz on Safety, highlighting any miss, suggesting improvements, etc. Reward the Good, correct the Bad.

EHS compliance — Leadership and commitment

At CtrlS, we have an evolved Corporate Safety team branched as Project safety and Operational safety. Together, the Safety teams work with the leadership in building the elaborate safety guidelines and stringent safety protocols that these groups ensure that the entire organization is adhering to.


Along with its core duty the safety teams are also responsible for providing weekly and monthly reports detailing on:

  • Weekly statistics of man-hour worked,
  • First Aid cases,
  • Near miss and Incident records,
  • Training and awareness program,
  • Compliance status for applicable statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Internal and external party EHS observations,
  • Audit details and its compliance status,
  • EHS meetings,
  • Waste management,
  • Need for Corporate EHS support, if any.
Work management systems — certifications

Leaving no safety stone unturned, you now know our efforts at CtrlS to keep the health and safety of both our workforce and your data on the highest pedestal. The global safety standards and the protocols that we as an organization adhere to have earned us many accolades over the years and certifications that we are always revere.

We have earned the following QHSE ISO Certifications:

  • # ISO 9001:2015
    Quality Management system
  • # ISO 45001:2018
    Occupational Health & Safety
    Management System

To know more about our efforts towards the EHS compliance and if you have any other queries, feel free to reach out to us at www.ctrls.in or contact us at https://www.ctrls.in/contact-us.php