Our Unique Innovations

• Disaster Recovery on demand
• Private cloud
• Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage
• Most efficient mechanized system for cooling infra using traditional methods.
• CtrlS data assurance
• Industry leading PUE at our green datacenters.
•  Water cooled without water entering the datacenters.

If all the existing datacenters in India (data based on Gartner information) were to convert to water cooled heat exchangers, the 30 percent cost savings on power alone could translate into savings of more than Rs. 1400 Crores by 2012.

CtrlS uses an innovative and energy efficient water cooling solution which provides the energy savings of water cooling without letting any water inside our green datacenters.

The urgent need for alternative cooling technology is driving organizations to experiment with various solutions. CtrlS has come up with a water-based cooling system to solve cooling efficiency issues at their Rated 4 datacenter in Hyderabad. The system was wholly designed in India in collaboration with an overseas HVAC partner. CtrlS, is all set to completely replace the air-cooled system at its datacenter. The new water-based solution uses water heat exchangers, where condensation actually happens. The cooled air is then pushed into the datacenter through indoor units. The water used for cooling never actually enters the datacenter, increasing the safety of our clients hardware and data and ensuring peace of mind along with lower power bills.

Reducing energy costs in power hungry datacenters has formed an important part of CtrlS's green initiatives. Over the last five years, costs have gone up by 36 percent from Rs. 3.65 per unit to Rs. 5 per unit. The Hyderabad datacenter was generating considerable heat, which had to be eliminated. In CtrlS' new solution, the water-cooled condensers units are placed outdoors and water does not enter the datacenter at any point of time. This takes care of the general reluctance to have water flowing close to racks of electronic equipment, where leakage can lead to massive damage. The condensers are however placed near the indoor units for maximum cooling efficiency. Water is pumped from cooling towers, and a piping mechanism takes it to the condenser and back. The water condenser coil offers better condensation compared to air condensers, given the heat-carrying properties of water, and this results in more efficient cooling.


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  • Maximize Business Agility

    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

  • Our Unique Innovations

    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Private cloud
    • Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage

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