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What sort of a setup do you have in this data center?—how many racks, servers, is it a tier III or IV data center, etc.

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How are you controlling the air-conditioning of this data center to ensure that temperature remains under control?

Efficient cooling is one of the biggest challenges in today's data center. To ensure that the temperature in the CtrlS data center remains under control, the exterior of the building, the equipment chosen and the way air flows are managed inside have been given priority. Lot of time has been spent on R&D of these areas.

What sort of scalability do you have in this data center? For instance, if tomorrow you were to add more racks or blade servers, would the data center be able to handle the additional load?

At CtrlS we understand that our data center scalability translates into the capability to sustain rapid growth requirements of our customers. The current data center in Hyderabad has the capacity to host up to 1100 racks. This is being scaled up to 10,000 racks across India by mid-2009. The racks can support a power density from 3kW to 20 kW. In addition to this we are in the final stages of implementing virtualization and grid computing techniques which adds lots of scalability options for customers without really adding the physical servers.

Tell us about the security of this data center. How are you ensuring security?

CtrlS data center has incorporated six zones of security because mission-critical Internet operations require the highest-level of security. The data center has a bullet proof exterior wall and is manned by onsite security on a 24xforever basis. All areas of the data center are monitored and recorded using infrared CCTV's with advanced motion detection techniques integrated with alarm system and access controls. Various access points including the server halls and cages are controlled by biometric access and card readers. Perimeter wall is bounded by bollards. All equipment is checked upon arrival. Data security is managed with N+N firewalls, IDS & IPS systems.

Would you like to give any pointers to our readers on how to do temperature control in a data center?

Temperature control in data center is very critical and the best way to do it is by implementing the various green measures like.

•  We have taken a lot of measures in the building itself, like using energy efficient glass
•  Data center to be designed in such a way that there should be almost 0% energy
•  Efficient air conditioning architecture by incorporating row oriented air cooling and
    shorter cooling paths.
•  Designing an efficient floor layout
•  Using green rated cooling equipment
•  Using blade servers with a high power efficiency rating
•  Reducing physical servers by implementing virtualization and grid computing By strictly
    implementing all this green measures you can save almost 50-60% of energy bill.

What are the few things to keep in mind while choosing a rack?

The following things should be kept in mind while choosing a rack

•  Should have proper air flow within the rack
•  Closing or covering options in unused "U" within the rack.
•  Proper cable management within the rack
•  Maintaining racks of equal height to the maximum possible extent
•  Load bearing capacity of the racks
•  Flexibility in design to accommodate the requirement of fixing data and power trays
    on top of the rack.

Tell us the relevance of IT infrastructure for your business.

Our group company has been in the business of IT consulting and infrastructure management for almost two decades now. To run a data center successfully you need the combination of both of them. Not only do we have vast experience in managing the servers and network but we also have in house expertise to manage the infrastructure components like Power, cooling and Fire suppression. Our infrastructure company complements CtrlS by building data centers quickly providing us with scalability on demand.

What sort of uptime does your infrastructure guarantee? How many 9's?

CtrlS being a Rated 4 data center offers an uptime of 99.995% to all its customers. As a matter of fact since inception i.e. from two years we have maintained an uptime of 100%.

How do you ensure maximum up time for your IT infrastructure?

We ensure maximum uptime for our customers by implementing Rated 4 specifications. Our data center has multiple power and cooling distribution paths. This kind of infrastructure provides CtrlS with a higher degree of fault tolerance because at least two systems are normally active, unlike a Tier III data center which has only one system active


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