Say goodbye to server timeouts and get superfast access to your data through our servers hosted in India

If your business is in India why do you want to host your data in a server abroad? Does it really add value to your company when your business suffers latency in accessing data due to the different time zones? As Indian businesses grow and the requirement for server hosting increases within the national market, it is a much more profitable option to opt for hosting services within India than in countries like the US or the UK. How?

Advantages of Hosting in India

Minimize latency

Getting data from a server sitting thousands of miles away can cause delays or worse, give you a request timed out message even though the data center is up and running. As our servers are located in India, it is much faster to access your data from our India based servers

Same time zone

It can be a frustrating experience to schedule late night calls with your hosting service and get your issues resolved. By hosting in India, we provide you rock solid support during the daytime when your business needs it the most

Save costs

You have the option of paying in Indian rupees which leads to you saving on foreign currency expenditure there. As we perform several basic services free of charge, we help businesses cut costs on minor issues like remote hands support, etc.

Legal accountability

As the servers are hosted in India, legal accountability is higher and the SLAs are clearly defined to increase your understanding and create a greater legal accountability on us. More over paying in Indian currency saves you from Income tax hassles.

SEO benefits

Hosting in India also helps your website get listed higher on premier search engines like Google in India specific search queries.

We are a company based in India and understand the trouble Indian businesses face while hosting in countries abroad. Besides being India's first and only Rated 4 data center, having suffered no down time in over 4 years and offering a 99.995% uptime SLA we make sure that when you host with us, your business only profits.


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  • Maximize Business Agility

    Business users know best when their applications will experience peak loads. CtrlS CLOUD enables business users to directly make resources available to their own applications, while restricting access to authorized application owners.

  • Our Unique Innovations

    • Disaster Recovery Services
    • Private cloud
    • Fresh air to minimize humidifier usage

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