Zero Data Loss Presentation

Posted on July 2, 2012

What price would you pay for Zero Data Loss?

Say the words 'data loss' and you'll see CIOs and IT managers cringe. This is because the threat of losing data at the hands of a disaster is the stuff that their nightmares are made of. If you thought Disaster Recovery was the final answer to keep your business data safe from untoward events that could bring your operations to a halt, think again.

As an increasing number of businesses are evolving and integrating IT systems deeply into their business operations; uptime, redundancy, disaster recovery and data loss are becoming issues of prime importance.

While Zero Data Loss solutions have traditionally been deployed only by businesses with high value computing environments such as currency traders, stock markets and banking, today many more businesses are becoming paperless, and the implications of data loss are far more critical. These include SMBs who need to consider a zero data loss solution. However, as common as the concern is, the solution is one that most businesses fail to consider.

Disaster, however, always strikes without warning. With the protection of a Zero Data Loss solution, business can ensure that not a single transaction is lost in case of a disaster. ZDL provides the kind of protection that a traditional Disaster Recovery solution cannot guarantee.

Yet, Zero Data Loss is out of reach for most IT decision makers today, purely because the solution is sophisticated, infrastructure-intensive and priced exorbitantly. But isn't the price you pay for lost data, far higher?

The IT head of a leading regional bank says,"Data lost in transit cannot be retrieved, placing the bank's credibility at stake."

Clearly, he knows the difference between ensuring recovery of data in case of outage, and ensuring that data is not lost in the first place. His DR set-up would take about five hours to initiate the recovery process at the DR site, a delay that would be unacceptable to any bank these days. The challenges caused by growth in multiple delivery channels can potentially bring the bank's operations to a grinding halt, seriously compromising its credibility.

So what is the solution? Thankfully, today there are a few solutions available to this crisis. Depending on the severity of the challenge that an organization faces and the RTO/RPO that the business can absorb, Data Loss Prevention solutions can be implemented at various price points.

The true innovation that CtrlS delivers however, is in being able to implement a true Zero Data Loss environment at a fraction of the traditional cost, which is possible thanks to the availability of Rated 4 Datacenter Infrastructure, high speed network connectivity and a lot of fresh thought. With such a solution in place, there is absolutely no reason for businesses to gamble with their data or put their credibility at stake.


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